Meet Amparo Lira Cerda! Amparo is 40 years old, Married with two daughters. Her youngest daughter is in high school and her older daughter is studying to be a lawyer.

Amparo studied sewing at Escuela San Miguel. At that time Escuela San Miguel offered a sewing class in Sapoa. This was critical for Amparo as she was not able to travel to Cardenas to take classes.

When asked about Escuela San Miguel, Amparo replies with a grand smile, “It was a beautiful experience!” She noted that getting an education unlocks doors of the future! Because she learned how to sew at Escuela San Miguel, she now is able to make money by sewing to help support her family and to pay for children’s education! Amparo exclaimed, “Escuela San Miguel helps young people to be ready for life!”

When I asked her what dreams she has for the future, she looked out into the distance and replied, “I would like to know much more about sewing!”